Biotechnology has made significant advances in recent years and emerged as a frontline area of research and development, with an overwhelming impact on the society. Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology at MIET, was the first of its kind, when it was introduced in the year 2003. We are the only institute which offers placements not only to M.Sc. but to B.Sc. students also. The Department offers the finest faculty in the region and the best laboratories, well equipped with the latest instruments and best infrastructures. Department provides professional orientation of students through Personality development classes,  Seminars, Tutorials, Assignments and  practical orientation through various visit to Academic/industrial and Research center exposure. Department equipped with latest books and several National and International journals to get in-depth knowledge of their subject for further competition required in higher studies.

The students will be able to get familiarized with professional and economical issues in Biotechnology & Microbiology and foster important job related skills such as communications and experience in working as a team that will help them to become good Entrepreneurs. 

B.Sc.  Biotechnology M.Sc. Biotechnology