Transport Facility

Bus facility for students and staff is available covering almost all parts of Meerut and its neighbouring areas. 27 buses run daily to facilitate student. MIET is having bus services from Anand Vihar (via Mohan Nagar and Ghaziabad), Muzaffarnagar (via Khutauli) and Surdhana. .

Bus services are provided on “no- profit, no- loss” basis. Fee has to be paid in one installment in advance at the beginning of session. The details of bus services of different routes are placed on all notice boards of the institute. Students have to deposit the bus fee at the account counter and fill up a form available in the registrar office with the copy of bus fee receipt at the starting of the session at the time of admission or registration. There is no provision to pay bus fee in installments. The students who want to avail bus facility in between the session will have to pay full bus fee. Students are required to obtain bus pass after depositing fees from main office.

Bus facilities are also available to the students living in hostels to visit the city. Students are charged on the basis of actual. The bus users have to use the bus route number which is allotted to them by the bus in-charge; they cannot change or use bus by their own choice. To change the pickup or drop point, bus users have to take permission from transport in-charge. The students caught in the bus who are not availing the bus facility will be charged with full bus fee as fine. The girl student using institute bus cannot leave institute by their own conveyance, they have take leave fromrespective department followed by transport in-charge.

The bus facility is provided to the student for regular institute schedule or to the examination center for main exam. No bus facility will be provided for carry over papers. If a lady faculty, girl student, old member or physically challenged student is found standing while traveling, it is expected that a seat is offered to them.